Anger Management

Heart2Heart Counseling Services strives in helping people live their lives to fullest. Our center caters to people of all ages, seeking to become whole. We offer an approach that allows a genuine, therapeutic process to transpire. Our services include counseling, education and retreats.

Anger Management services to help you respond in a healthy way.

Heart 2 Heart anger management will teach you how to express anger in a healthy, constructive way. Managing anger well is a learned behavior, requiring practice and resilience. While you can’t get rid of the things or the people that make you angry, you can learn how to control your reactions.  Our sessions will help you unlearn these negative responses to anger and help you regain control. We will intentionally help you to recognize early signs of anger, and teach you to take the necessary steps to relax and deal with situations in a positive way. Through awareness training and behavior modification techniques, a highly angry person can begin to see results.We can also assist you with court ordered services.

We accept the following insurances

BlueCross BlueShield
Community Health Choice
United Healthcare
Victims Compensation
CPS Contractor
Metro Supplier
CANS Assessments 

Additional Services Provided

  • Psychological Testing
  • Speech Therapy
  • Team Building workshops
  • Creating motivation in the workplace workshops
  • Convenient counseling provided through Telehealth
  • Life coaching for client’s with a specific goal in mind, or someone to assist them with creating a road map

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