Positive Behaviors in School

For a child to go from starting kindergarten to switching between elementary, middle, and high school can be a complicated process to adapt to due to many factors. Children must deal with societal pressures, family concerns, new routines, academics, extracurriculars, and more. Transitioning to begin school or moving to another developmental stage can be a stressful time. Here are some positive behaviors to remember throughout these stages that can keep a sense of normalcy. These behaviors can also help maintain a positive mindset and manage emotions.

Adjust to a new routine– In a classroom, every year a teacher has a different plan of how they want the days to pan out. Whilst in first grade a child might be used to having lunch at 11:00 a.m., in second grade it might be 11:30 a.m. Even a small shift like that could affect a person’s body and mind. At first, they might feel hungry earlier and that can create irritability or a negative change in mood. It is important to learn the routine at the beginning of the school year to create realistic expectations. Transitions must be learned as well such as bathroom breaks or switching classrooms for another class. Routines and transitions will be there constantly throughout a person’s academic career as well as their day-to-day life. For more on the positives of routines check out our previous blog at https://heart2heartservices.org/blog.

Positive thoughts– It is easy to feel frustrated if something does not go the way we want. Children can feel upset if they are unable to complete a task, do not score well on a test, or even with peers. Instead of discouraging thoughts such as “I am so stupid!” or “I can’t do it!” try to take a deep breath and reframe that thought. Think instead “I will take a break and try again” or “I will do my best, I’ve got this.” It is also crucial to have positive affirmations that best uplift your mood. Repeat every morning and set intentions for the day.

Build relationships and create a support system– Get to know your peers and your teachers and create a trustworthy relationship. Having friends that you can depend on and vice versa can make all the difference in a school environment. Having people around you create a sense of community and belonging. It is important as you get older to be cautious about what you share with others. Take your time getting to know people and make sure your values align. That is the key to a great and everlasting friendship. Getting along with adults at school can also help verbalize feelings and help when needed. If a child is not comfortable with their teacher, they will not want to participate or seek help. This can hold back a child academically and socially.

Respect others and property– This is a necessary behavior to keep in mind. It is important to respect peers and adults as well as property. It is inevitable to avoid some type of conflict in any environment. However, it is up to the person to decide how they want to go about the situation. There are times when it is imperative to stand up for yourself but being a good listener and remaining respectful never goes unnoticed. Remaining respectful in a classroom also means not destroying property. Taking care of things around you as well as with people helps create a better overall environment.

Know when to ask for help– There is no shame or harm in asking for help. It is important to know who to go to for help and when. Be familiar with your teachers and the adults that you interact with on or off campus. Keeping a sense of perseverance is always a positive habit, however, be aware of your limits. If it gets to a point where daily functioning is impaired or there is a struggle beyond your personal scope, ask for help.

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